Top 10 Learnings of Lent [so far]

1. Lent is a time of learned relentlessness and persistence, also known in the theological world as faithfulness. Faith and following Christ should not be easy.

2. “The Gospel is always an invitation: come and follow me.” –Douglas Meeks and yet, “Do not be afraid to put the Bible into its [Ancient Near Eastern] context.” –Annalisa Azzoni

3. If love is easy, it’s not that kind of deep and abiding love that I am looking to engage in.

4. Retraining one’s body with discipline and care is liberating.

5. I still don’t know how to fix a toaster.

6. Courage without vulnerability isn’t actually courage at all.

7. If you have never had to fight for who you are, I’m not really interested in your opinion or critique of me.

8. Job searching and vocation naming is hard, yet Holy Work.

9. Lean into the good things which are all around you because they are indeed, all around you.

10. It seems like all is dead in winter, but it’s actually just a time of sabbatical for much of creation. Don’t be fooled into thinking Death has won.

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