Blue Hill Prayer

Here in the blue hills of Asheville,

I was anointed this morning by the needles of the White Pine,

falling upon the crest of my head.

The smell of Rosemary Geranium filled me.

The wind flowing through the trees, kissing them,

created a symphony of sound,

drawing me into its mountainous song.

My heart swelled with love for these connections with creation.

They are family to me.

Thanks be to You, God, the Creator of all.


Late night post…

I don’t have much to say tonight… primarily because I don’t functional well in the later night hours; however, I felt like I should update the blog. I’ve enjoyed the past few days very much… the small things of life can be the most comforting and memorable. Summertime vegetables grown, cooked, and shared with friends. Friendly smiles. Watching an old beloved TV show with other appreciaters (yes, I made up a word). Airports and airplanes. Ladies in the boot camp gym class. Same-page conversations. Apples to Apples. Laughing with people you love. Teaching awesome girls. Catching up with friends over Sweet Cece’s. Good hugs. Running. Sleep. Quality time. Thinking about the future. Hope. Love.


Caymen Islands & 1st year Anniversary- June 2012 062
Don’t you love summertime sunsets that last well into the late evening? For me, sunsets are a time to stop… to reflect upon the day I just lived. Did I live it well? Did I love well? Did I live with passion and without apathy? Did I grow? Am I fulfilling my purpose? Did I smile enough, hug enough, cry enough, dance enough, laugh enough, hope enough, pray enough? Sunsets are unique because they only last for so long…then they are gone… kind of like our days. They only last so long..and then they are gone. Are you making your mark on the world? “If today was your last day and tomorrow was too late…. “