My Good Friend

Two solid years in a pandemic, when it seems everyone has lost someone dear to them, I have to one more to add.

In early January, a few months back, my family and I lost our dear Windchimes. Even still in March, I miss her. Chimsey was a rescued greyhound who came bounding into my life years ago when I was a seminary student. I remember the day when the van opened and I first saw the face of my girl. She had been returned to the rescue because her owners moved somewhere where they couldn’t have dogs. She was really skinny and had some medical issues that cleared up with veterinary care, but left her toothless.

She moved with me from seminary in the south to the first congregation I served up north. It was an amazing experience to be in a new place serving the most incredible congregation, but it was also new, hard, and had its lonely moments. Chimsey and Toby, my other grey, were my family on those cold winter nights. She was the church hound and came to work with me; she was even a brides-pup in a wedding I officiated of congregants who loved greyhounds! She absolutely loved running and zoomed around the yard every chance she’d get.

Then, when I married into my now family, Chimsey was along for the ride and made them her new family too. She was extraordinarily funny and sassy. But most of all, she was my friend. She loved me and I loved her.

Sometimes, I still look for her in the morning when I wake up, or when I come home from being away. I miss her still.

You may have lost a beloved pet too during the pandemic and if you did, I am so sorry. The grief journey is very real in losing a pet, so I hope you are kind to yourself as you figure out your life without them at your side.

Surely, we’ll meet again someday, Chimsey, and until then, I hope you are running so many zoomies.

Rest in peace, beloved Windchimes (2007-2022)

A Whole New World of Greyhounds

This post begins a new series called: “Favorites of the Fall” and starts us off with post #1 on Greyhounds.

When I come home from the stresses, excitement, obligations, and due dates of the world, there are two wet noses atop each other waiting for me to push the door open a little further than a crack; I walk into wagging windshield wiper tails, half jumps, and chattering “excited” teeth. The face rubbing into my clothes commences and then we all rush to the door to see who can get out to the backyard-kingdom first.



This isn’t just any backyard, no, its got the perfect grass to chomp on when mom isn’t looking, a garden fence to pee on, and three whole compost bins to get good wiffs of rotting veggies.

The loyalty, love, and lavish attention I speak of here is just another day in the life of being a mom to greyhounds. When I worked in vet medicine, I met a few greyhounds who always caught my attention with their gentle demeanors and kind spirits. Though I wanted a dog for years, I kept saying, “I’ll wait till I am finished with school.” Nine years later, I am still in school; hence, I decided eight months ago that I would adopt a grey and that’s when Jack came into my life.He’s been so much fun and brought forth such joy that I began thinking about adopting a second retired racer.

In memory of Toby.

In memory of Toby.

This summer, the same week that my parents had to put down our beloved Pomeranian/ Shih Tzu mix “Toby,” another “Toby” appeared on the website of the amazing retired racer adoption group that I am a part of, Greyhound Pets of America – Nashville. “Toby” the grey was a senior who had been returned to the rescue and I couldn’t believe the timing. After meeting Toby, it was pretty clear that he should join the pack with Jack and he’s been the best addition to our home. He’s kind, delicate, cuddly, and just happy to be home.
Toby the Grey

Toby the Grey

If you are looking for a canine addition to your life, I would highly recommend considering adopting a retired racing hound from GPA-Nashville. They even have some hounds who currently need homes and you can check these fellas out here.

This is just another one of my fall favorites!