beauty in the shadows of tomorrow

maybe i’m going back to some kind of bohemian philosophy, that love is everything. i think too often we go through today worried about and in high hopes of tomorrow. and then tomorrow comes only to find us vying for the next day. and then before you know it, a year has gone by and you can’t remember how the hell you got to another January because you were so enamored with tomorrow…one more day.

and in my thought process here and also just in living, i am realizing that today is meant to be beauty-filled. and that Jesus’ sacrifice has given us the ability to make this day so unique… and that is because we have this great capacity to love and when we do chose love and not hate, its beautiful. and then taking that a step further, beauty is found in so many places… specifically, i am partial to sunsets and stars. But people, people are beautiful. And a kind word is beautiful. and the flowers in the spring time are beautiful.

thanks for reading. and for being beautiful.