Love is never too big.

I heard once that love creates space for those we love to be who they are.*

Sometimes there isn’t space in the world for people to be who they are. And so your love for them must help create that space. We are each other’s keepers. Interconnected by the fact that we have been created by the Holy One.

For this very basic reason, I don’t think love can ever be too big. Love can’t ever be oversized.

Big love.

Big love.

Big love.

Love never harms. It always creates space. If you are harmed, it wasn’t love.

Some days the only way I can cope with people who have a problem with who I love is just love even bigger. Find another way to love more.

So, if you love me, create space for me to be myself. If I love you, I will do the same for you.

Love is almost always a risk. It’s so vulnerable. And also, it’s powerful and it grows like a mighty tree that will give you shade when you are exhausted. It creates stuff that you could have never imagined. It creates an abundance because fear isn’t there to convince you that there is scarcity.

If you don’t choose love, I feel sorry for you. Your life is poorer for it and you will never get to see the miracles of love abundant.

As for me, I wanna see what big love can do.

*a great Catholic/ Jesuit theologian named Herbert McCabe said this.

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