Prelude to the Festival of Homiletics

Next Monday, Nashville will welcome the Festival of Homiletics! The Festival is a week long conference which invites and presents outstanding preachers and professors of homiletics. There will be many pastors who attend to be rejuvenated by other pastors, while engaging in beneficial discourse centered around preaching and ministry. This year the Festival is welcoming Nadia Bolz-Weber, Brian McLaren, Barbara Brown Taylor, Walter Brueggemann, Diana Butler Bass, Lauren Winner, Eric Elnes, Grace Imathiu, Phyllis Tickle, Otis Moss III, and several others. The preachers/professors/pastors are a diverse group of folk, which I’ve come to believe is incredibly healthy and beautiful.

I will be volunteering/ attending the Festival next week while tending to other commitments as well. I’m excited to be challenged, refreshed, and reminded about the strength we have in diversity. Check in to the blog as I will try to post frequently about that which I encounter each day!

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