Earth Day Cheer

Happy, happy Earth Day to you! Here in Nashville, we welcomed Earth Day with a vibrant burst of spring buds and blooms and weather that would make the grumpiest of the grumpy smile. It was easy to be grateful for our earth today because, well, she showed up in all her glory.

It’s not as easy to see though, the damage in which we have inflicted upon our earth/ climate through our misuse of natural resources. As a biologist, I believe in the research we have found to support “Climate Change” (previously misnamed, “Global Warming”). I hope that today out of all days, you will take a moment to look at said research and begin advocating for wiser use of our resources. We cannot keeping taking, taking, taking from the earth without giving back. A last point that I will make is that we must stop looking at Climate Change as a political issue because it is most certainly a biological issue. The warmer our climate becomes, the more violent weather patterns we will see.

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a solid website to introduce you to the facts of Climate Change.

From recycling, to carpooling, to biking, to investing in cleaner energy, we can all do small things to reduce our carbon footprint.

So HAPPY EARTH DAY! Let’s celebrate with a good dose of activism.

2 thoughts on “Earth Day Cheer

  1. Every time I hear about another species dying off, it makes me sad. Florida has lost three species of butterflies. 😦

  2. It is funny that you mention butterflies because I just read a book about the fictional near extinction of the Monarch due to awry migratory patterns caused by climate change. I wonder how long it will be fictional and at what point that it will become a reality.

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