A Bird’s Eye View of a Tired Sojourner

Welcome back to the blog! I am both grateful that you are here and apologetic for having not written with much frequency as of late. Truth be told, I have lacked both the time and energy to sustain the penning of posts here.

My life has been consumed with finishing up my current degree program with some semblance of sanity, and maybe even grace on a good day. I have deadlines still which should be first on my priority list today, but instead, I am finding myself logging on to pen a new post. Maybe because I know this is a place which brings inspiration and joy to my life amidst a turbulent world which has lately reflected violence and beauty quite simultaneously, almost in the same breath.

This spring semester has required me to step out of any comfort zone I may have constructed for safety and solace. I have continuously been pushed, prodded, and poked into the arena of fight or flight responses. The arena which requires me to dare greatly. This is a place which fosters, no demands, growth and courage. And I am tired and frankly, uninspired.

I am sure that soon I will have time to reflect on what I’ve learned and this will help me practice the gratitude which I long to possess with regularity. Until then, I know a few things. I know that I am loved. I know that I have talents which, when utilized, are beautiful and unique. I know that I will make it through this.

Stay tuned. The blog is revving up again. I have personal and OEC posts. I have interviews. Sojourn with me this summer. Until then, let’s keep calm and share our bananas.

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