Diners, Dives, and Sacagawea…

The road has been my home as of late. One day in the Appalachians and the next, the Rockies. My schedule has been rigorous and taxing, to say the least. All a part of the whirlwind of finishing up this degree and beginning another.

All that to say, I appreciate your patience, in my blogging absence. I often think of much I want, nay… I need… to write about, but lack the time to fully devote myself. Most of my writing lately has been given to my thesis. I hope to soon have a free bit to write…. I have much on my heart and much I want to hear from you.

I pray that Lent is treating you well. That you are praying and reflecting and taking time to find that which resonates with you. A song. Another soul. A sunset. May this time of waiting and fasting be one that brings you an other-worldly perspective.

May you feel. May you know. May you heal. May it be a miracle.

Fill me in on your Lent season. Do you celebrate Lent? What are you learning or unlearning?

6 thoughts on “Diners, Dives, and Sacagawea…

  1. All I ask is that you make notes now & then. The telling of the stories can wait until the adventure is over…or comes to a pause.

    It’s odd that I’m watching Chocolat tonight. I’d forgotten it takes place during Lent. I do not observe Lent, but I understand the significance of it.

    I have spent part of this day listening to others as they poured out their fear and sorrow and pain to me, sharing with me the richness of their lives. In turn I have tried to give them something back. I wonder if we sometimes lose our way in the midst of self-denial. Not that I often deny myself, but I think it is possible that self-denial can sometimes wall up the windows of our hearts as well. Kind of going into survival mode. As I say, I do not observe Lent, but I think I should choose instead to bask in the gifts that others impart every day, and receive them with grace. Sometimes it can be the greatest of gifts to receive what others have to give.

    • Absolutely– thank you for the reminder to journal. I certainly want to remember the journey and not just the destination.

      I’m happy that you are in a place where you can listen to folks and share yourself with them. How beautiful this is. Coming alongside each other, taking each other by the hand, and walking each other home. I would venture to assert that this is a form of Holy Lent too.

  2. On the one hand I’m jealous of your traveling, but I know that you are under a lot of pressure… not so jealous of that part. I hope you are taking your own advice and taking time to find what resonates with you. I can’t wait to hear more of your stories 🙂

    My lent experience? Well, I’ve never really celebrated Lent before. I realized I knew more about it than I thought when one of the kids I work with asked me why people had ashes on their heads and were talking about Lent. But personally, I don’t partake. I’m not sure why, I don’t have any great reason. But, I did have surgery soon after Lent started which meant a leave from work for a few weeks. I’m still in that time and I am, for maybe the first time ever, truly resting. I’m laying on the couch, waking up without an alarm clock, reading books I want to read, taking time for my life. Which isn’t really the purpose of Lent, to take time for yourself and be selfish, but it has been kind of nice to actually take time for me. I could do without the soreness and other pains that come with surgery, but the time for me has been nice.That’s a little rambling, but that’s where I am today.

    PS: Love the sacagawea shout out 😉

    • Katie– I love your replies. Thanks for taking the time to let me know how you are observing Lent, which I think can mean something a little bit different to us all. I see resting as form of worship, so you are absolutely observing Lent. I am happy that you have this time to reconnect with what resonates with you; I know you are in a very stressful, exhausting, yet-fulfilling (I hope!) occupation.

      I will look forward to sharing the stories with you soon, my sister. Grateful to be on this life journey with you (& Saka too). 😉

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