In wintertime, amnesia arrives,

she makes it easy to forget,

to forget that spring will come,

that new life is awaiting in dormancy,

that sunshine will return and coat us,

that humans care about each other.


In winter, I start to forget faces,

the faces I’ve loved,

eyes that are no longer looking into mine,

hugs that I can’t feel anymore,

voices that I can no longer remember,

and I curse mother amnesia, as I pray,

for returned memories,

a smile,

a piece of advice,

an exhortation,

a song,

a day spent together.


And then I remember,

in a moment’s brevity,

that they live within me, in my spirit.

My passions, my battles, my joys, my sorrows,

swirl in me, cultivated by their love.

That song which inspires so,

came from her,

That resilience which sustains long days,

came from him.


Pieces of them in me,

I live to honor their memories,

I stand on their shoulders,

their mistakes,

their successes,

their endurance.


And as spring greets me, I remember,

the pieces of them in me.

Who are you remembering this winter?

8 thoughts on “Pieces

    • I’ve been realizing that it’s just a tough month of anniversaries of losses, but yes, our talk was helpful in remembering the ongoing presence of those folks in me. Always appreciate our discussions.

      • Here’s the thought that I wrote: “I believe human souls are uncontrollable and chaotic things that have no respect for boundaries. They’re like root systems that entwine themselves about anything in range, often into someone else’s soul. So it is that when someone is torn away from us, part of our soul goes with them. But also, part of their living soul goes on growing inside us.”

        It feels similar to your poem. Beautifully written, by the way.

      • So wonderfully written. That’s what I love about writing and all of the different voices of writers. We try to capture what are universal human emotions, but ones that are sometimes hard to express in words. That’s why writers are brave. Really love your use of the roots metaphor here. Think it captures what folks we love leave with us and take away from us when they leave our path.

  1. ooo honey, that nearly brought me to tears. that was beautiful. I’m remembering the people I’ve lost, either through death, lost friendships, or distance. And this makes me realize that sometimes I can restore what I’ve lost. it takes work, but it can be done. and for those relationships I cannot rebuild, I can, as you say, remember the pieces of them in me. Sometimes, those pieces are jagged and it hurts to remember them. but sometimes they are soft and cuddly and it warms my heart.

    just my reactions… also, check out ‘joy and sorrow’ by Khalil Gibran. I’m sure you’ll love it if you haven’t read it already. love you dear

    • I’m grateful to know your sweet, strong spirit. Your ability to reflect vulnerably is always an inspiration to me. Loved what you said about the jagged pieces that do hurt to remember, but are there, nonetheless. Grace and peace to you as you remember those you loved.

      Thanks for the Gibran suggestion… I read a prayer of his in a friend’s wedding, but have not expansively read his works, though I have been wanting to!

  2. Awwww!! Kate you are an awesome writer!! This makes me remember my dear ones!! Sometimes i feel very lonely, and this is exactly what i feel when i remember my parents!!!

    • Deepthi! Thank you so much; I’m glad to you stopped by to read. I can’t imagine how far away you must feel sometimes. It know I am comforted by knowing that folks never really leave if they still live within us. Hoping you are able to hug your family soon.

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