Do Not Be Fooled

Do not be fooled, oh no friend, do not.

Do not mistake my vulnerability for weakness,
or my pacifism for apathy.

Do not mistake my inclusiveness for waywardness,
or my faith for certainty.

Do not mistake my love for an agenda,
or my prayer for ritual.

For there is a hurricane in me,
a ferocity only quenched by equality.

When sweat for peace flows down, mingling,
with tears of joy at its long awaited arrival.

When diamonds no longer have blood covering them,
and balance replaces patriarchy,

When children no longer shoot AK-47s,
and women preach in pulpits.

For the day is coming when swords will become plows,
when the pen will break the gun,
and fear that feeds hate, will lose.

Do not be fooled, oh no my friend, do not.

6 thoughts on “Do Not Be Fooled

  1. I love this, friend! This is a great first entry into the poetry genre. There’s a fire that you can feel while reading this that I adore. I can truly feel your passion while I read this, and that is a wonderful thing. Not gonna lie, my favorite part was when you said ‘there is a hurricane in me’ because it reminds me of my favorite Cate Blanchett speech in the second Elizabeth movie in which she says “I have a hurricane in me that will strip Spain bare if you dare to try me!” She was (and the actress is) a strong woman that should never be crossed. When I read that line I was already like, damn, she’s not playing. This was great, my friend, and I can’t wait to read your second foray into the genre.

  2. My, my, this feels different! I do believe we’re not just musing anymore, but we’re setting off on an odyssey! Where will it take us? What is the fabled end of our journey? Legends and parables certainly exist about this place, but what is the reality?

    I will not say I don’t care about this Emerald City, this realm of the Valar, or whatever you choose to call it, but it is not my primary investment. I place my faith not in the goal, nor in the path you choose to take, but in the one who sojourns. Lead on, protagonist.

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