2013 Blog Roadmap

I went for a run today with the distinct intention of dwelling on what is to come on the blog this year. I was interrupted twice by fellow neighbors who wanted to discuss the weather, narrowly avoided a charging dog, and then, culminating my run in typical Kate style, I stepped in fresh turkey poop on my way back through my yard. So instead of the blog, I thought about how to avoid the neighbors, angry dogs, and bird crap; it was a good try though anyway.

2012 was a lot of fun here on the blog! I’d like to thank everyone who read, commented, private messaged, tweeted, called, or connected through any other form of communication.

I learned a great deal from you all and pray that we’ll continue to learn from each other as 2013 unfolds!

Because I’m a hopeless planner, I wanted to throw out some ideas of where I’d like this blog to go and what kind of platform I’d like to create in 2013. I need your suggestions too though because this is a community and your opinion matters! What would you like to talk about or see more of?

Here’s a few things I was thinking:

1) A culmination of the Our Emptying Church blog series. More interviews, guest posts, church history, Millennial characteristics, discussions about David Kinnaman’s research to come. I’ll summarize the highlights of the series and hopefully offer a few conclusions we’ve arrived at.

2) More guest posts, interviews, and entertaining stories.

3) Responses to recent legislation and publications, with particular interest going to:

-the intersection of science and the church
-complementarianism v. egalitarianism (gender roles)
-women’s leadership in the church
-matters involving injustice, inequality, and discrimination

4) During Lent, I will be starting a series discussing human trafficking on a statewide, countrywide and worldwide level.

5) Stories about life’s funny, difficult, joyous, and grievous moments. I know that I have a year of many transitions ahead, ones that will require wisdom, vulnerability, and courage; so I hope to write about some of those moments.

6) Reviews of books I am reading and want to recommend.

I am planning on trying to post weekly this year, but have several other writing obligations as well, so “try” is a key word here. I’m personally looking forward to the warmer weather and new life that 2013 will bring soon– I look forward to our journey together in 2013. May we have traveling mercies along the way.

What am I leaving out that you would like to see on the blog? What are some topics that you’d like to discuss here?


2 thoughts on “2013 Blog Roadmap

  1. Hahahahaha!! Can't stop laughing!! I love your "run" story!! Whatever you blog about will be great, I'm sure! I love your vulnerability and being able to laugh at yourself so others can laugh with you! Would like to see you interviewing some older folks in the church to get their views on the emptying church…would be great to get them involved so we can all see ways that the church can change to reach folks and be more welcoming to others who may be a little different. And for those of you millennials reading… please try to be patient w/ us old people…change is coming but it may not happen as fast as you'd like! Don't let that discourage you from finding a good church that loves and accepts you because you are you. And don't let the rude or unloving comments of a few make you feel unwanted or unwelcome. We've gotta keep our eyes on Jesus and love like He loved above all!

  2. Thanks so much for the comment! I really appreciated everything about it. Thanks for the suggestion to interview older folks.. I think this is important and will see that I bring in some more Boomers and Busters in the interviews! I think that the place of reconciliation begins with dialoging together over a table of peace and listening. I appreciate you having this perspective. It is very hopeful to hear a Boomer say that "change is coming" and encourage Millennials to also give some of the grace that we are begging for. Thanks again!

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