The Art of Writing

So I have been slightly lackadaisical about blogging these days. Proud to have a blog. Not proud enough to keep writing in it with any frequency… which is to my detriment, I think. My favorite writer seems to believe that writing brings forth life. And I believe her. She also can hardly work a toaster. I can identify.

The thought of writing bringing life is significant and one worth testing. I’m always up for an experiment. Science geek in me. Lover of biology and all things science. Anyway, I submit that writing makes one take ownership of the action, the event, the emotion that occurred. It is essentially saying: “that happened and it mattered to me.”

So I will begin writing here more often. Because life matters. People matter. And in my writing, I hope to become brutally honest. I think that’s the way to life too. Honesty. I think people are sick of religion and desperate for someone to give grace. Someone to extend a hand to you when you need help getting up.

So extend me your hand. I could use it these days. Let’s walk together down this tricky road of life. And let’s write about it along the way. Whether a journal, a blog, or a napkin… let’s write.

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