Thoughts on the Parkway…

As I was driving down the dark parkway this weekend, I was pondering life. I thought about all the people who have given of themselves to shape me into the woman I am at present. When I started thinking of all the names through the years, I couldn’t help but correlate those names with how blessed I am. How blessed I am to have been poured into so selflessly. When someone gives you a part of himself/herself to help you learn, grow, progress, love… it’s a beautiful occurrence… a piece of humanity that shouldn’t be neglected. I have so many of those “someones” who have shown me the way, who guided me on my journey, who patiently taught me, who protected me, who said “I love you, Kate(lin) and I believe in you.” I reflect on who I am today and I am so grateful, so thankful to those beautiful people. How can I say thank you? I can’t necessarily… but perhaps, emulation is the best form of gratitude… thanking those beautiful people by continuing to invest in others… others who may not realize it today, but will hopefully one day say, “I remember when he/she invested in me, and it made all the difference in my life.”

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