La gracia como la lluvia …

Today…I am spent. Though I don’t necessarily have a dissertation to pen, I do have many thoughts on my heart. So I’ll share the big one… I’ve been learning more about God’s grace lately than I’ve ever learned before. I’m learning about grace right now because I’m needing so much of it. Isn’t that when we learn the most? I guess… unfortunately or fortunately. I have had many large changes and have started a completely different chapter of my life, of which I’m thankful, but frankly, I’m muddling through trying to find the way. Each day I’m being forced to grow…and though it’s sometimes painful and always stressful, deep down, I have to admit that some gratefulness exists in my heart. How else would I learn about grace? If I was good at this new chapter already, why would I need anything from anybody? Why would I need grace to make it? I wouldn’t. And I never want to be in a spot where I don’t need grace. I’ve been in that spot before… it harbors pride and destruction. So tomorrow… may grace & peace reign.

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