i wanna love like Johnny and June

So, although I’m an infant in the blogging world, the art of penning is not foreign to me. I love journaling, love the fresh white paper, ready and waiting to be touched and changed forever; forever bearing the words of my heart. So similarly, I must try to reinvent this wonderful feeling of journaling in this new millennia via the electronic realm.

“I wanna love like Johnny and June”… a touching hit by country diva, Heidi Newfield, and a song that conveniently serves as my catchy ringtone. The phone belts it out whenever a call comes in, using no discretion of where I may happen to be at present.

For me and all hopeless romantics out there, this song is a banner we wave…carrying this overwhelming desire to love… and be loved passionately, without restraint. Though I never knew Johnny and June Carter, I know they were in love… and when June died, Johnny went too…determined not to live long in either life without June. I find myself singing the tune in my head, wondering why that love is so rare, and if I will be lucky enough to experience it.

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